About Bonfire

This is our Champion female German Pinscher bred at Bonfire Kennels, (Right) Our Champion female German Pinscher bred at Bonfire Kennels, “Secret,” at 11 months old, now working on her Grand Championship.

Bonfire Kennels breeds black and red German Pinscher dogs from national grand champion stock. Our mission is to breed the sweetest and most loving German Pinschers in the world!

BonfireĀ Kennels’ show dogs, with their impeccable pedigrees, burst on the scene in 2011, taking top honors in every exhibition, including Westminster, the Philadelphia show, and the Eukanuba Dog Show. We were invited to show at Crufts in England in 2012! We a constantly exhibiting our dogs at top AKC shows. Check our Facebook page for win photos and stats.

If you’re heart is dead set on adding a GP to your family; STOP SEARCHING NOW!! Do all the research that you’d like…. but, I can promise you……….. You have just found THE Breeder that you should absolutely be acquiring a GP Puppy from right here. It is my personal opinion that there are ONLY 2 HIGHLY Reputable GP Breeders in the country; & they actually work together, sharing the best of the best males&females, keeping the line supremely healthy&strong to say the very least. Furthermore, whether you’re searching for a show pup or you just desire a true high-quality purebred family puppy; this is who you want to work with hands down! Even if they do not have puppies right away when you call; I can assure you from personal experience that it is more than 100% worth the wait! Call Bonfire Kennels, TODAY! ~ Matt Mayer

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